Our Products & Services

GIFS has access to the latest research & development, technology and laboratory services available in the world.

These facilities are available to all our customers.

We have sales consultants available at short notice; who have extensive training and are able to assist and advise on in all our products and services for any application.

Through our sister company GladSTONE Industries (Pty) Ltd, we offer installation services for filter bag-houses, bag-house change-outs, maintenance, monitoring services, leak detection and trouble shooting.

Other Products and services include:

Filter Bags


GIFS bags are made of felts and fabrics produced in-house or bought-in according to specifications from selected and qualified suppliers.

The quality of fibres, yarns, scrims, felts and fabrics is constantly checked with laboratory tests. Furthermore, the integrated manufacturing cycle and the use of modern cutting machinery, tubing and stitching, allow continuous production. Stoppages for set-up, breakdowns and manufacturing imperfections are reduced to minimum.

Modern manufacturing planning systems and Quality ISO 9002 standards guarantee delivery on time and to product specifications. The several models of plants and different filter conditions have made necessary the creation of a database available to engineers, sales people and clients.

GIFS bags can be for:

  • Filtration at high temperature, up to 280
  • Filtration of flying ashes of coal fired boilers in power plants
  • Filter bags for fumes from desulphurization from coal fired boilers in power plants
  • Treatment of gases from urban, industrial and hospital solid waste incinerators
  • Filtration of toxic gases with high content of polluting elements and metals (ceramics, non ferrous           metals, glass)
  • Analyses of specific applications to solve filtration problems (cement plants, lime, gypsum)
  • Consulting services to study critical applications
  • On-site analysis of filters to improve plant filtration (tests with fluorescent powders

Filter Fabrics

A complete range of products assuring performance, long life and results.

Dry Filtration

We can supply cloths in polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, polyamide and aramid to be used in reverse-airor shaker applications (wood, cement, lime, steel and non-ferrous metals). For the chemical-pharmaceutical sector we can offer antistatic cloths in polyester and polypropylene, manufactured with yarns blended with inox steelfibre.

Wet Filtration

The range of cloths for wet filtration includes products in staple, monofilament, multifilament orcombined mono-multi and multi-staple. The available fibres are: polyester, polypropylene, polyamide PA11, PA12, PA6.6, PVC and PTFE. Different scrims are selected to improve cake release, to obtain the right porosity and to guarantee the filtration degree as required from the process. The finishing, heatsetting and calendering facilities allow us to access to high and low permeability filter cloths (up to 0.5 l/dm2) to meet different needs.

Technical Cloths

In addition to the traditional technical cloths available (air slide belts or impression fabricsfor rubber) we provide our clients with a complete range of technica lproducts for various applications such as monofilament belts for the food industry, diamond mesh cloths for air conditioning units and alluminium coated fabrics for the defence industry.


Baghouse Maintenance Service

  • Bag-house maintenance
  • Bag-house spares
  • Bag changing service

Other Products

  • Geometry
    Bag Filter
    Belt Filter

  • Material
    Cloth Filter (woven)
    Fabric Filter
    Mono/Multi Filament Fabric Filter
    Nonwoven Filter

  • Application
    Dust Filter
    Gas Filter
    Screens, Centrifugal
    Separator, Liquid
    Vacuum Filter
    Waste Water Filter

  • Process
    Centrifugal Filters
    Filter Press
    Liquid - Solid Separator

Ancillary Products

  • Components
    Filter Sleeves

  • Filter Material for Filter Media
    Air Filtration Media
    Fabrics, Nonwoven
    Fabrics, Woven
    Filter Belts
    Filter Felts
    Needle Felts


  • Expert Reports
  • Filter Systems Maintenance
  • Filtration / Separation Tests
  • Monitoring of Filtration Systems


  • Filtration and Separation Industry