Company Profile

About us

G. I. Filtration Services is a national manufacturer based in Centurion, supplying filter bags, press cloths and drum covers for most industrial, process and dust collecting applications.

G. I. Filtration Services was formed in 1990, originally to service the Southern African region and later expanded into Africa. In 1993, we became the first filtration manufacturing company to become BEE recognised.

G. I. Filtration Services built and moved into our new premises located in Highway Business Park, Centurion in 2001.

G. I. Filtration Services offer a wide range of fabrics for wet and dry filtration including membrane, high temperature, anti static, micron rated and air slide media.  The various fabrics that we offer are held in stock for manufacture to your requirements they include Cotton, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylics, Ryton™, Nomex™, P84™, Fibreglass and even Teflon™.

We operate to strict guidelines which maintain a superior quality and standards in our manufacturing process and we carry a wide range of stock at all times to facilitate quick turnaround times on orders.

Clients and Industries

GIFS is a proud supplier of products and services to a wide variety of industries nationally. Our clients represent:

  • Power generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing & Refining
  • OEM’s
  • Food processing
  • Smelting & Forging
  • Electro-winning
  • Chemical


Client Name Industry
Mittal Steel Smelting &Forging
Holcim SouthAfrica Cement Manufacturer
PPC Cement Manufacturer
Xstrata Smelting & Forging
Highveld Steel Smelting & Forging
Scaw Metals Smelting & Forging
BPB Gypsum Industries Manufacturing
African Products Food Processing
Eskom Power generation
Impala Platinum Refining
Rand Refinery Refining
Exxaro Refining
Bateman OEM
Aspen Pharmaceuticlals
Pioneer Foods Milling
Sasol Nitro Petro Chemica