We supply filter bags, press cloths and drum covers for most industrial, process and dust collecting applications.

With the ever increasing demand for more efficient means of filtering in both wet and dry applications, it is a constant battle to find better fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

On top of this you are looking for better life of filters and increased particle capture.

G. I. Filtration Services has since 1990, committed itself to providing information, service and quality products to our customers.

Needle Felts
They are of various fibres, available in different weights and with special treatments of finish, heatsetting, glazing, impregnation and coating.
Filter Bags
Our bags are made of felts and fabrics produced in-house or bought-in according to specifications from selected and qualified suppliers.
Filter Fabrics
The company manufactures a complete range of cloths for dry filtration of fumes and gases and for wet filtration.
Cloths for Filter Presses
A complete range of products assuring performance, long life and results.
Airslide Belts
Cloths and components for airslides for fluidized transport in silos, hoppers and stacks.
Cloths for Centrifugal Machines
We manufacture filter bags and filter cloths for the 3 column (vertical axis), Horizontal (peeler) and Pusher (inverting filter) centrifuges.
Miscellaneous Products
Channel bags, Disks, Retractable loading hoses, Rovac felts, Accessories, Tip-tap.